Inland Empire
video HD, sound, Night Shift app
press release

A static shot, at the bottom one can see the path, the character enters the frame, passes by in front of the camera and disappears on the other side. The camera does not rotate, but we know that the path continues further. After some time, the same character passes again in front of the camera in the same direction. Despite the lack of camera movement, we know that it stands in the middle of a circular path on which the character is walking.
object, 35x55x5cm, stainless steel, foil

Residents' List
photographs, 20x30cm (each), CTO foil, artist's frames

Inland Empire
press release

Untitled (Greenhouse 4,4m2)
AntMiner, internet connection, oil, pump, heaters, HeatMiner, foil, pcv pipes

Untitled (Greenhouse 18m2)
AntMiner, internet connection, oil, pump, heaters, HeatMiner, foil, pcv pipes, sliding doors

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artist talk concerning Thaw

video HD, 08:55, with sound



Sliding CT foil
Protection CT foil
dust protection door curtains. made out of effect foils. altering light color.

Parrot stand
Procity stand
facsimiles of public furniture. found in various cities.
bike stand / short handrail / seat. depending on the context.
ambiguity in design of public spaces.

To my friends, next room
Two sets of 25 steel elements. Scattered identically in two different rooms.

Preserve the house
A store’s customer should not touch wall corners while riding up the escalator.

Gardening allotment. Sculpture placed on top of R.O.D. Gallery is a 1:1 model of a characteristic
lantern which lets the light into highly densified tenant houses at Warsaw Old Town.

Piece is built out of materials typical for fans, air conditioners and other installations visible on an office building rooftops.

Functional-Utility Program For Wschód Gallery
curatorial project with works by Benedikte Bjerre, Jan Domicz, Max Eulitz, Yuki Kishino, Curtis McLean, Marcello Spada, Jasmin Werner

F.U.P. is a highly structured document describing the design and the scope of construction works. Building law puts text over a drawing or model.
Program written by Jan Domicz becomes a starting point for redesigning of Wschód Gallery and a screenplay for assembled objets d’art.
Office on the terrace. Terrace moved to exhibition room. Staircase in the room. Smoking area in the office.
The first permanent address of the gallery suggests the need to move.

text available here

Can dispenser and a set of seven hand-made objects.
Copies of mass-produced 330ml cans.

Display displacement

Lamps on a lamp shop
Time based situation created around a local shop on an exit road out of the city.

Lamps from inside of the building have been put on the rooftop. The shop is empty. Salesman left.
Lamps on a lamp shop is a way to transform consumer goods - lamps into a commercial of themselves.

Hollow artificial rock. Cut in half and leaned on a side to fit into the exhibition space.

Title „Üsküdar” derives from the underground station in Istanbul. Corridors of the station
were carved in stone and then covered with building materials imitating real rock.


Reverse time Your eyes will lie
with Jasmin Werner

Press release published on the occasion of the show is a screenplay written by an American ghost writer.
It’s plot is based on such Hollywood productions as 17 again, Freaky Friday, 13 Going on 30 and other
movies in which main character is trapped or goes back in time.

All the works serve a function of potential film props and loose their usual inner structure they carry
when exhibited independently. They are getting new life similarly to characters in movies mentioned above.

Elevator and a kid
video HD, 10:17, with sound
The elevator in a residential building. Teenager asked to move his leg back and forth.
He triggers the sound of a motion detector and stops the elevator from use.

coming up:
residency in Vienna @KulturKontaktAustria
Aeronauts @Poznań Design Festival
Inland Empire, solo show @Pracownia Portretu Łódź

Thaw curated show @Wschód Warsaw
SPOILAGE publication/book
Izotop @SKALA Poznań 2018
Domicz Domicz solo show @Wschod Warsaw
@DreamArtFair London
Warsaw Gallery Weekend solo show @ROD Warsaw
@NOTFAIR Beyond The Desk
Functional-Utility Program For Wschód Gallery @WSCHÓD
[publication] On the path of knowledge @UAP
All the Time at Work @LABIRYNT
with reader
Wall Signs @GSW Opole
A stitch in time saves nine @Wschód
Drawers vol. 2 @Kasia Michalski Gallery
All the Time at Work @BWA Tarnów
DD @GSW Opole
Parked Like Serious Oysters MMK Frankfurt/Main
Test Exposure @Biennale WRO 2015
Moglichkeiteraume @McKinsey
Rundgang @Städelschule
Is it art or is it just @BWA Zielona Góra
on ðinh ðong @DISTRICT Berlin

Jan Domicz
1990 born in Opole PL,
lives and works in Warsaw PL.

Städelschule Frankfurt am Main, 2012 - 2015
University of Arts in Poznan, 2009 - 2012